Tailor Made.

Tailor Made is an established recruitment agency, based in Colne, Lancashire. The agency celebrated 16 years in business and wanted to develop its branding and website. We worked alongside the team to create a new logo and branding that continued to communicate its messaging. A unique ability to make anything happen, Tailor Made provide a service of precision. The ‘d’ in made represents the eye of a needle and plays into a tailor’s use of a needle and thread. The handwritten font on ‘Made’ represents the uniqueness and the bespoke approach to recruitment – with them, it is personal. Once the branding and brand guidelines were complete we designed and built a new WordPress site, including all functionality required for candidates to register and create accounts. The site uses imagery we captured to give a personal feel, alongside a range of motion and hover actions. This site holds a perfect balance of functionality (tailored to candidates) and content (tailored to clients).




Hosting & Emails.


“Create a perfect balance of function & style, aimed at both client and candidate.”