At Stoked we feel privileged to embark on a brand’s journey from the very beginning. When starting a business, or launching a new arm of an existing brand, it is crucial to achieve recognisability and trust with your target audience.

We analyse the market, find your sweet spot, then bring it to life in a way you and your target audience will love.

Whether you’re hitting a key business milestone, or looking to inject new life into a long-standing brand, then sometimes your brand simply needs a refresh.

We appreciate the work that has been put in to get you to where you are, so we approach the brief with consideration of the story already told. Looking to the next chapter we ensure the process is as simple as possible for our clients, planning for each stage of implementation for the new branding.

Protecting your brand and what it stands for can be an overlooked part of the process, but we’re strong believers of consistency to instil recognition amongst a brand’s audience.

Overall brand guidelines save time and effort when produced properly, a perfect bible to refer to.

We create them as long and as detailed as you need them to be.